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History: Tour de White Rock

Tour de White Rock : 2000

In 2000, the Tour de White Rock celebrated its 21st year as a world-class cycling event. Top national and international riders participating in the competitions were: Brian Walton (Olympic Silver Medalist), Sandy Espeseth (2000 Canadian Road Race Champion) Min Van Velzen (National Time Trial champion), Luca Segato (Member of the 1988 Canadian Olympic team), Tim Kilcullen (1999 National Individual Pursuit champion), Sara Neil (former National Team member), Clare Hall-Patch (2000 Canadian Junior National Road Race Champion) and Jesse Keefer (Silver medallist in 2000 National Crit Championships).

The Tour de White Rock is recognized internationally for its tradition of superb organization and race routes that raise the bar for endurance and tactics. An enthusiastic and appreciative crowd is another hallmark of the event. As one of last year’s competitors and six time winner of the Tour de White Rock road race declared, “Yours is a race which brings out the best in all participants, both the quality of racing and the sportsmanship displayed by the participants is superb”.

On Friday, July 21st, the Hill Climb event featured riders who could endure the grueling grade of Buena Vista Street. The crowd turn out for the event was spectacular with residents along the route cheering on each participant. First riders to the top included:

Women’s Pro: Sandy Espeseth (Intersports); Sara Neil (Trek Volkswagen); Darnelle Moore (Intersports).

Men’s Pro: Ross Hooker (3 Point Motors); Luca Segato (3 Point Mercedes); Brian Walton (Saturn)

On Saturday, July 22nd, the stormy skies and treacherous streets may have had an impact on the top speeds of the Criterium event, but they did not dampen the desire of local riders to reach deep for one of the best races of their cycling careers. Several participants grabbed cash from the Primes but finishing in front in the Pro events were:

Cat 4/5: Jonathon Fowlie (Atomic); Eric Van Veen (Independent); Craig Premack (Partone International Ventures)

Women’s Pro: Sandy Espeseth (Intersports); Stephanie Hannos (Campione); Darnelle Moore (Intersports)

Men’s Pro: Brian Walton (Saturn); Svein Tuft (Trek Volkswagen); Min Van Velzen (Trek Volkswagen)

With a crowd that energizes the riders, a route that challenges their skills and endurance, and an organizing committee focused on the participants, the 21st Annual Tour de White Rock delivered again!