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The History Of Cycling

For many people, riding a bicycle was something they did as a kid, but it’s not something they did much of once they got into their teen years. For some, it’s because they got a car and could drive places instead of a bike. For others, it’s because they live in an area where bicycling isn’t an option—those out in rural areas with unpaved roads may not always be able to bike places. But with new inventions such as the electric bike and bicycles that are safer, more and more people are turning to bikes as a way of saving money and going green.

image The Penny-Farthing, also know as a high wheel, high wheeler or ordinary was an early type of bicycle.
Bicycling was first introduced in the 1800s, and it quickly became very popular. However, the basic bicycle design can be traced back to 1493, when Gian Giacomo Caprotti sketched out the idea. Another version was built in France in 1791. However, what many people consider the first practical bicycle was created in 1817 by Karl von Drais, a German civil servant.

In 1868, the first documented bicycle race was held. Bikers racked 1,200 meters in the Park of Saint-Cloud in Paris.

In the U.S., bicycles were incredibly popular in the early 1900s. The oldest bicycle racing club, the St. Louis Cycling Club, was established in 1887 and continues to host races and other events today. However, by 1920, the practice of cycling quickly died out because of the automobile and the growth of larger suburbs. In Europe, cycling continued to go strong until the 1950s.

Today, though, more and more people are biking to work as a way of saving on gas, getting exercise, and because it’s fun.

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Top: Early Bicycle concept from 1534 attributed to Gian Giacomo Caprotti, apprentice to the famous Leonardo da Vinci.

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