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History: Tour de White Rock

Tour de White Rock : Innaugral Volunteers

These race volunteers helped to make the Tour de White Rock Road Race a success. Their involvement in supporting the riders was essential in helping making the first race a success
(if anyone recognizes the names and can help in filling in the surnames please contact us.)

Dennis Akey
Al Anderson
Carolyn Anderson
Allison Andres-Joslin
Len Baker
Addi Baker
Kathryn Beattie
Art Blevings
Sid Bloxom
Kathy C.
Grant Carrier
Dave Clark
Chuck Conners
Bob (Robert) Fairfoull
Sharon Foster
Anne Green
Richard Green
Steve Hendey
Lawrie Hunter
Kathy Jackson
Carol Jennings
Carol Jensen
Kris Jensen
Paul Johnston
John MacDonald
Trevor Magee
Kim Martin
Dan Mayah
Mitch McDonald
Barbara Morris
Maurice Nolan
Dave Pasmore
Ken Pawlak
Chris Perry
Mike Rocheleau
Brian Singbeil
Henry Snickers
Heather Sparrow
Hans Stieda
Margret Stieda
Yvonne. Van De Perre
Cameron Young
Flora Young
Sam Young
Jamil (?)
Janet (?)
St. Johns Ambulance,
c/o Mrs. Jannison

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