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Sempre in Giro

Lucy Pittaway

One of the Uk’s rising stars in the art world was once again chosen as the official artist for this year’s Tour de Yorkshire.

Richmond, UK-based pastel artist Lucy Pittaway, was chosen by race officials to create a series of art pieces designed to capture the spirit and imagination of the Yorkshire people, as they celebrate the region’s biggest annual race.

Last year, Pittaway took to her canvass to create a series entitled Hills, Dales and Woolly Tails, which depicted the excitement, endurance and tenacity of the race, set against the unique Yorkshire backdrop with eager crowds of fans accompanied with fluffy sheep, spurring the riders on.

Retro Cyclists

Retro Cyclists

The proper way to go on a bike ride. A stop for Food Wine And Coffee––Cucina Vino Caffe–– fuel for the road.

Bloomer Girl

French Racing Cyclist Marie Tual Wearing Bloomers on a Racing Bike in 1896 or in 1897.

Many of these cycling pioneers adopted an updated version of the old “bloomer” outfit which allowed for more freedom of movement — and less risk of their clothes becoming caught up in the chain or wheels.

“If women ride the bicycle or climb mountains, they should don a costume which will permit them the use of their legs,” Suffragist Susan B. Anthony has been quoted as saying. “My one word about the ‘bloomers’ or any other sort of dress, is that every woman, like every man, should be permitted to wear exactly what she chooses.”

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