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Sempre in Giro

Greg Lemond: Badger Slayer

Greg LeMond and Joop Zoetemelk fighting it out in the 1986 Tour de France.

LeMond is America’s first Tour de France champion… and only champion to date. LeMond is considered by many to be the greatest American cyclist of all time.

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I Don't Ride My Bike To Win

I Don’t Ride My Bike To Win Races Nor Do I Ride To Get Places I Ride To Escape This World I Ride To Find Peace With Myself I Ride To Feel Free And I Ride To Feel Strong.

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How they were in 1984

Pascal Simon, Laurent Fignon, Jean-René Bernaudeau et Yvon Madiot (?).
Curieux de voir Jean-René Bernaudeau avec un maillot “Système U” rouge et blanc.
Mais nous sommes en 1984.

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