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Sempre in Giro

Road Trip

“Had a nice lazy day here in Basel after a week of riding down from Netherlands. Six days wild-camping is a new record, and it was an amazing fossil-fuel-free week. The chaps have a race tomorrow but I’m setting off for the mountains solo in the morning.

I really enjoyed the two nights I went tentless. I’ve had horrendous bivy experiences but that was my bad for trying to camp along the bloody Danube. Each night we aimed for higher elevation, somewhere with a good bit of wind, and I was fine in a shelter with just my quilt.

If you’re thinking “oh that sounds fun I should get some gear” there’s a few guides around on sustainable kit. Some of it is just recycled stuff instead of natural stuff, but that’s a start in some ways. I’ve had my gear ages, anything new is second hand.”

Phill Sturgeon 2021

Photo: Wild camping

Eco-Friendly Camping Gear: Go Green in the Wild

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