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Vive La Resolution!

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One more gear

Ok it’s another new year. And so once again I make it my resolution to go for the big trophy. The big kahuna of the cycling world! Yes! This is my year to win. It will most likely be my last chance for the podium as I am not getting any younger. I feel my tire pressure getting lower with the passing of each season. So I have started on my new top secret training regime. After only a couple of weeks of intensive training I can already notice a big huge improvement in all facets of my riding. My climbing and pedaling techniques are right on form. I am finally on the right path to developing the kind of efficient pedaling technique that will be capable of tapping into all the power I have available. I feel like I am on top of the world, and soon I know I will be on top of the podium in Paris. And I have finally confronted my biggest hurdle… I’m getting this monkey off my back!

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