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Uber Urban

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Two Wheeled Sustainability

At first we thought that it would be too big of a change to make at this stage in our lives. For my wife it was not too big of an adjustment. She had never been one to commit to the open road. But for me it was something that I grappled with for some time. I had been a roadie; a rando bandito! But after one too many broken gears, I decided to give up the rural rides and the open roads. It was time to slow things down… to enjoy the ‘slow life’. I have settled into my new life as a city slicker. I have even gone so far as to add the comfort of chain guards to keep city grit from gumming me up. Oh yes I am now an urban unit. But I still on occasion like to ride out into the rural hills just outside the city and take in the quite solitude. And to reminisce about the old days … rando riding! But I do so now as a member of the slow life. As Jorg & Olif say ‘...our lifestyles should reflect our values and communicate who we are. The choices we make ultimately shape the way we live’.

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