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Sempre in Giro

Sweet and Low


All Along the Mall

There are times that it seems like the sun saves it’s best rays just for you. From the moment you get up to sunset, you are engulfed in a globe of the brightest of colours, the warmest of glows and the sweetest of scents. And today was such a day down on the Mall. Mr Digideroo Man was into his groove, making sounds from far off lands. The sounds swooshed all around and swept me into other worlds, mythical worlds of sand and sun. Sounds from ancient worlds, a time before I was born, drilled down into my tyres. The low sweet sound slipped itself under me and lifted me into the air. It felt like a curtain was being parted and infinity revealed! Sunny and sweet indeed! As Bawb said “…I listened all afternoon to those sounds as if in a trance and I felt like I had discovered some essence of self-command, that I was in the internal pocket of the system feeling more like myself than ever before”.


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