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Sempre in Giro

A Cool Way To Get Around

Swedish Waysl

“A Modern Bicycle with a Classical Touch”

Think of it as a beach cruiser on steroids—a “Muscle Beach” cruiser, if you will. There’s nothing metrosexual about this Eurostyle city bike—it’s updated from a Swedish army bicycle of the 1940s, and it would not look at all odd with a carbine scabbarded to its fork. Pure, manly utility: steel and plenty of it; big 650B tires for floating over broken roads, debris, and dirt; fenders to keep the “mud, the blood, and the beer” off your blue jeans; and a rear rack you could strap a keg to. It’s 100% at home in the big, bad city: laughs at potholes, sneers at alleys, rolls with the slow grace of someone who knows he’s got nothing to fear. If it were a car, it would be a Checker Marathon, staple of the New York City taxi fleets in the 1950s and ’60s. It’s an old Irish cop of a bicycle, right out of Raymond Chandler. (Ladies, fear not: there’s a women’s frame available as well, for the shorter and the skirt-clad amongst us)

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